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Short Essay on Pollution for Kids

Short Essay on Pollution for Kids

Short Essay on Air Pollution The problem of pollution along with scientific discoveries is also increasing steadily. To achieve its happiness, man is dancing with nature. Due to the ever increasing population, the cities are expanding, due to which the human being is cutting forests to live. There are daily smoke-producing factories. Because of which pollution is increasing.

Trees are being harvested due to the factories being established continuously, due to which the animals living in the forest are ending and due to increasing pollution, imbalance in nature is emerging. The smoke coming from the factories is contaminating pure air.

Due to continuous increasing pollution, the existence of human beings is also being threatened. Corrupted air causes lung problems and breathing difficulties and damage to the eyes.

Finally, to avoid this problem, we have to create a balance in the natural. To prevent the cutting of trees, there should be new trees. Factor…

Interesting Facts about Sheep

Fun Facts about Sheep
Sheep is a pet, it has been known from man since its ancient times. Sheep is reared for those, meat and milk. The sheep like to live in the flock, they feel blessed by staying in a herd. Sheep is found in every corner of the world.   Sheep Interesting Facts for Kids 
The average age of sheep is 7-8 years, but many breeds are more than that.

The ability to hear sheep is very high.  This is a vegetarian animal, green grass is the main food.  Sheep manure is extremely beneficial for crops.  It is good to climb the sheep to a higher place than sloping. Many types of things are prepared from them of sheep. The lamb is called lamb.   There is wool on the whole body of the sheep which continues to grow.  Many such species of sheep are found, from which different types of wool are found.  Its milk is also considered very beneficial because it contains high amounts of protein. Large-sized sheep are found in forest areas.   The largest sheep is of the Arghali breed, which i…

Dowry System Essay in English Language

Dowry System Essay in English Language
Dowry means money and other things that parents give to their sons in the marriage of their daughter. Dowry is an ancient practice in India which is still running. This is one of the biggest evils of Indian society. In today's modern era, dowry practice has spread completely in the form of a curse.

In the 21st Century period, even after the daughter is born, her parents begin to worry about the girl's education, along with her dowry money. Due to the practice of dowry today, everybody's faces get lost on the birth of a daughter. Everyone is hurt on the daughter's birth. Even the daughter is killed before she is born in womb.

Dowry practice
According to legends of Hindu caste, according to the ancient myths of dowry practice, there are many instances of giving wealth and jewellery in the dowry during Ramayana and Mahabharata's departure, but at that time people dowry with a sense of selfishness They did not take and there was no…

Christmas essay in English Language

Christmas essay in English Language 300 words

Christmas is a sacred festival of Christians, it is celebrated every year on December 25. This festival teaches us the message of humanity and love that sharing happiness is the real service of God.

On this day the Messiah the Messiah was the Messiah, the Messiah, the Messiah, the Messiah was a great man. You were created in the bonds of love and humankind. He is considered to be the only son of God. The rulers of that period did not like the message of the Messiah. They crucified you and crucified you, but you were told that Jesus was alive again.
This festival is celebrated only for one day but its preparations are started several days earlier. The beautiful decoration of the house, the Christmas tree and the stars shining with light inspire inspiration to follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sentence is the Christmas festival of true faith

On this day, the markets rise sharply, on Christmas day, people pray in the churches and p…

Elephant Information For Kids


Taj Mahal Facts for Kids (Few Lines on TajMahal)


Peacock Facts for Kids

Peacock Information in Hindi Language - Peacock is the national bird of India which was declared a national bird on January 26, 1963.The main food is insects, worms, fruit vegetables. Throughout the world there are three varieties of Burma like peacocks, Congo and IndianPeahen breeding season is from January to October.Male extracts different types of sounds to attract the female to sex.Peahen gives 3 to 5 eggs at a time and its eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs, their color is as light yellow as cream.In Hindu religion, their wings have great significance, Lord Krishna kept it on his forehead.Apart from this, according to Hindu texts, the vehicle of Lord Shiva's son Karthikeya is peacock.Peacocks are mostly found in India only.Peacock is also called Peacock, Approved, Maniya etc..They love to relax, which goes on top of the trees at night and sleeps until the sun sets.In the rainy season, it starts dancing on the black ghat of the clouds and the man gets attracted to the …

Crow Bird Information

Crow Information - Cow is considered to be a very unique and intelligent bird, but do you want to know some fun facts related to crows that you do not know then keep reading this post then let's know

Crow's brain develops better than other birds, so crows are quite intelligent in birds.

Crow except for Antarctica are found all over the world.

Crows are worshiped in the month of Shraddha. Because feeding crows in this month is considered as equivalent to feeding the ancestors, because it is believed that the crows of the same had made the nectar.

It is often believed that when the crow sits on the head of the house and calls it, it gives the message of the arrival of a guest.

Cows are omnivorous, whatever they get, they catch it.

When a female crow gives eggs, then the male crow takes care of them.

Both the female crow and the male crow take care of their children together.

In India, there are six species of quail. It is believed that the future events of the Crow are already known.


Self Confidence Essay in English

Self Confidence Essay in English 

Confidence means that there is no control over the fear of whatever you do, when you put weapons ahead of fear, there is a negative effect on your self-confidence. Having good work brings confidence to communication. Whatever you are afraid of if you face the same thing with bravery and without any fear, it will help you to increase your self-confidence. That is why whatever you are afraid of should be fought because the tendency to avoid fear can reduce your self-confidence.

Self Confidence Essay For Kids  In confidence, it is amazing power that can make human beings suffer thousands of troubles alone. Self-confidence is the most ego to do great deeds, confidence gives the person the power to work. A person with a lack of self-confidence becomes a negative thinker. It is most necessary to build self confidence that we should know the importance of ourselves. No person will be born with confidence by birth, our own personality, mind affecting our mind …

My Pet Animal Cat Essay

My Pet Animal Cat Essay in English

Cat is a quadruped animal, the tiger is the smallest animal of the species. Its claws and tooth are very sharp, which are used to rubbing some thing. The cat's main food is a rat, which it carries with its fast and pointed paws. Cats B is a pet like other animals, people keep them in their homes with great amusement. The cat's life span is up to 15 years while in the jungle, its age ranges from 4 to 5 years. There are also many species of cat which are different from each other in their body, color and behavior. Cat is found everywhere throughout the world Cat in America is the most popular animal.

Various types of cat are found throughout the world, which are separate from each other in case of Khan-pin, its color and nature. Cat loves to relax, it sleeps for 10 to 12 hours a day. Its snuffing capacity is very high, it sniffs its victim from a distance and its body is so fondly that even if it falls apart from any high place, it does not ev…

Tiger Information For Kids

Tiger Information For Kids -

Tiger has been declared as National Animal of India. This is a non-vegetarian animal found in forests, which falls under the category of mammals. 

Tigers are found mostly in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Indonesia. They are the most powerful and violent animals in animals. 
The color of the tiger is yellow and its body has black strips which attract it. Its feet have sharp nails that easily tear the prey. Tigers mostly rest in the shade of trees during the day. It mostly hunts at night. Deer, wild boar and cheetah make different kinds of animals their prey. This is considered to be an organism of cat species. Tigers can run at speeds of 50 to 65 kilometers per hour. Tigers can survive for 20 to 26 years.

The male tiger weighs 290 kg while the female tiger weighs around 200 kg. 8 species of tiger are found. Some of these species are completely extinct, the species found in India is known as the Royal Bengal Tiger. 

Tiger Information and Facts  The tige…