Christmas essay in English Language

 Christmas essay in English Language 300 words

Christmas is a sacred festival of Christians, it is celebrated every year on December 25. This festival teaches us the message of humanity and love that sharing happiness is the real service of God.

On this day the Messiah the Messiah was the Messiah, the Messiah, the Messiah, the Messiah was a great man. You were created in the bonds of love and humankind. He is considered to be the only son of God. The rulers of that period did not like the message of the Messiah. They crucified you and crucified you, but you were told that Jesus was alive again.
This festival is celebrated only for one day but its preparations are started several days earlier. The beautiful decoration of the house, the Christmas tree and the stars shining with light inspire inspiration to follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sentence is the Christmas festival of true faith

On this day, the markets rise sharply, on Christmas day, people pray in the churches and pray for forgiveness for their mistakes from the Lord Jesus Christ. Even if they become poor and rich, they all celebrate this day very happy.

Dear Santa's children, he entertains them by giving chocolates, biscuits and cakes etc. a day before Christmas. Some people secretly keep their children secretly at night

A night before Christmas, a special prayer is organized in church at about 10 o'clock, this prayer lasted for about an hour. After the prayers all congratulate each other. On Christmas Day people give Christmas greetings and gifts to their relatives and friends.


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