Crow Bird Information

Crow Information - Cow is considered to be a very unique and intelligent bird, but do you want to know some fun facts related to crows that you do not know then keep reading this post then let's know

Crow's brain develops better than other birds, so crows are quite intelligent in birds.

Crow except for Antarctica are found all over the world.

Crows are worshiped in the month of Shraddha. Because feeding crows in this month is considered as equivalent to feeding the ancestors, because it is believed that the crows of the same had made the nectar.

It is often believed that when the crow sits on the head of the house and calls it, it gives the message of the arrival of a guest.

Cows are omnivorous, whatever they get, they catch it.

When a female crow gives eggs, then the male crow takes care of them.

Both the female crow and the male crow take care of their children together.

In India, there are six species of quail. It is believed that the future events of the Crow are already known.

Crows mostly like to live on flocks and trees. The beak of the wild crow is thick.

Their age ranges from 10 to 15 years, and the Australian crow survives for 22 years.

The reproductive period of all crow species is different but reproduction of thick crocus runs from April to June.

It is said that when it dies, then hundreds of crows gather and celebrate his death.

When the crow finds a piece of bread, it eats with its companions.

You probably do not know Crow cocal eggs and you can understand them as your children.

The wild crow is almost muscular, it eats meat together with birds like a vulture.


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