Dowry System Essay in English Language

 Dowry System Essay in English Language
Dowry means money and other things that parents give to their sons in the marriage of their daughter. Dowry is an ancient practice in India which is still running. This is one of the biggest evils of Indian society. In today's modern era, dowry practice has spread completely in the form of a curse.

In the 21st Century period, even after the daughter is born, her parents begin to worry about the girl's education, along with her dowry money. Due to the practice of dowry today, everybody's faces get lost on the birth of a daughter. Everyone is hurt on the daughter's birth. Even the daughter is killed before she is born in womb.

Dowry practice
According to legends of Hindu caste, according to the ancient myths of dowry practice, there are many instances of giving wealth and jewellery in the dowry during Ramayana and Mahabharata's departure, but at that time people dowry with a sense of selfishness They did not take and there was no demand for dowry from the boys who were boys, the boys happily used to give many gifts and money to their daughter. .

But today's dowry has become a stigma in the name of society, which has many evil consequences, can be seen today. Dowry is demanded from the people of the boys, if the dowry demands are not fulfilled, After the girl is demanded dowry from her parents, bad behavior is done with her in the house. When the demand is not fulfilled, she is taken away. But if a girl with some boys does not get divorced, then instead of getting dowry, they kill the girl in the event of not getting dowry.

Preventive measures

The government has made many strict laws to stop the practice of dowry, such as demanding dowry, both are kept in the category of crime, and for many years the punishment has been made and the law of penalties is still there, but still it remains hidden business. The law is flaring up. Very few people are caught in the clutches of law and the government has launched many schemes to stop feticide, such as daughter save the beta read or the Sukanya cleansing scheme. In today's time, the girls are walking on the shoulders with the boys and Everyone is progressing in the field, but people do not understand that there is no difference between the boy's girl.


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