Elephant Information For Kids

Elephant Information For Kids - Few Lines on Elephants

o   If you have ever seen carefully, elephants mostly shake their ears; In fact, elephants take out their body heat through their ears. This work does the cells present in their ears. For this reason, the ears of elephants living in Africa are much larger because there is more heat.

Elephant Information For Kids 

o   Elephant is the largest animal on the ground.

o   The ability to see elephant is very low, but the snuffing power of these is very strong and this animal can feel the scent of water up to 5 kms.

o   Hathi's exterior teeth grow during its lifetime.

o   In an aggravated condition the elephant's penis is about 39 inches and it is like the letter S in English.

o   He could lift more than 300 kg of his trunk.

o   It consumes 100 to 140 kilograms of food in a day.

o   You will be surprised to know that Hathi can swim very easily in water, it never sinks.

o   This is the only animal that has four knees.

o   Elephants have very soft skin, so they often bath in mud to avoid heat.

o   African Elephants are big and strong with Asian elephants.

o   The elephant lives for 60 years. But the African Elephant's age is less than the Asian elephant.
o   Elephant moves faster than humans.

o   These yajdantas are very precious, many things are made from which its prey is coming.

o   Reproduction of them is very interesting. The male elephant who wants to be reached in the female elephant's herd finds the female ready for the sex. After getting the female prepared for the sex, they are sexually active for several days.

o   The female elephant's gestation period is 22 months old.

o   The child of Elephant is drinking mother's milk for almost 6 years.

o   It can fill 10 to 12 liters of water in its trunk and it drinks 150-200 liters of water in one day.

o   Elephant's proboscis contains 120 kg to 140 kg of weight.

o   Most of the elephant lasts only after finding food, it cooks 16 hours a day continuously.


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