Interesting Facts about Sheep

Fun Facts about Sheep
  • Sheep is a pet, it has been known from man since its ancient times. Sheep is reared for those, meat and milk.
  • The sheep like to live in the flock, they feel blessed by staying in a herd. Sheep is found in every corner of the world.  
Sheep Interesting Facts for Kids 

  • The average age of sheep is 7-8 years, but many breeds are more than that.

    • The ability to hear sheep is very high. 
  • This is a vegetarian animal, green grass is the main food. 
  • Sheep manure is extremely beneficial for crops. 
  • It is good to climb the sheep to a higher place than sloping. Many types of things are prepared from them of sheep.
  • The lamb is called lamb.  
  • There is wool on the whole body of the sheep which continues to grow. 
  • Many such species of sheep are found, from which different types of wool are found. 
  • Its milk is also considered very beneficial because it contains high amounts of protein. Large-sized sheep are found in forest areas.  
  • The largest sheep is of the Arghali breed, which is found in Siberia and Mongolia. 
  • Wild sheeps climb on high mountains - high mountains.

    The female sheep is called Ewe. Sheep gives birth to two children at one go.


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