Peacock Facts for Kids

  • Peacock Information in Hindi Language - Peacock is the national bird of India which was declared a national bird on January 26, 1963.
  • The main food is insects, worms, fruit vegetables.
  • Throughout the world there are three varieties of Burma like peacocks, Congo and Indian
  • Peahen breeding season is from January to October.
  • Male extracts different types of sounds to attract the female to sex.
  • Peahen gives 3 to 5 eggs at a time and its eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs, their color is as light yellow as cream.
  • In Hindu religion, their wings have great significance, Lord Krishna kept it on his forehead.
  • Apart from this, according to Hindu texts, the vehicle of Lord Shiva's son Karthikeya is peacock.
  • Peacocks are mostly found in India only.
  • Peacock is also called Peacock, Approved, Maniya etc..
  • They love to relax, which goes on top of the trees at night and sleeps until the sun sets.
  • In the rainy season, it starts dancing on the black ghat of the clouds and the man gets attracted to the peacock peacock, happy with the Peacock dance.
  • Peacock is considered a good friend of the farmer because it eats the pests that ruin the crops.
  • It did not fly in the air for a long time.
  • They make their nests between dense bushes.
  • Peacock age ranges from 10 to 25 years.


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