Short Essay on Pollution for Kids

Short Essay on Pollution for Kids

Short Essay on Air Pollution The problem of pollution along with scientific discoveries is also increasing steadily. To achieve its happiness, man is dancing with nature. Due to the ever increasing population, the cities are expanding, due to which the human being is cutting forests to live. There are daily smoke-producing factories. Because of which pollution is increasing.

Trees are being harvested due to the factories being established continuously, due to which the animals living in the forest are ending and due to increasing pollution, imbalance in nature is emerging. The smoke coming from the factories is contaminating pure air.

Due to continuous increasing pollution, the existence of human beings is also being threatened. Corrupted air causes lung problems and breathing difficulties and damage to the eyes.

Finally, to avoid this problem, we have to create a balance in the natural. To prevent the cutting of trees, there should be new trees. Factories that create pollution should be stopped and if possible, these cities and cities should be established. The smoke coming out did not reach the people. To prevent air pollution, trees should be planted on empty land and people should be encouraged to plant trees around their homes.

By these methods, increasing pollution can be prevented and we will be able to stay healthy.


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