Internet Access Must be Limited to Students

Uses of Internet for Students

  • I think because many teenagers spend to much time on the internet . This is many benefits when it uses in living limited over uses of internet can be mentally ill.
  • It is now very easy to access internet but there is doubt that many students are spending more and more time on the internet with both uses positive and negative.
  • The students can do research for their school work and the homework this helps their gain knowledge another gain of access internet is many language can be search and learn those are difficult for students.
  • But in the other words there are also negative point to access the internet because some students addicted to online games this mean that they can expensive more time for these activities .
  • That is bad effect on their study and homework.
  • The amount exercises they get and their social lives but in the addiction of the internet younger hardly talk to their parents because the addiction of the internet their nature becomes irritated
  • So too much spending time on the internet can have negative impact on the students i think internet have many benefits but when we use this in limited access.


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