8 Similarites between Japanese and American culture (Essay)

Essay Similarites between Japanese and American culture - it's getting to be increasingly hard to find inconspicuous contrasts amongst Japan and America, both in light of the fact that I've likely discovered every one of them and I've been here sufficiently long that everything Japan tosses at me presently appears to be typical. In any case, this time I've discovered 20 more! So we should get to it:

There is zero tipping in Japan and it can even be viewed as impolite to endeavor to. I'm informed that in specific conditions you can tip cab drivers, yet I haven't paid tip since the minute I ventured foot here.

Soda simply isn't prevalent. Truly, there is Coca-Cola and a portion of the other enormous names, however it simply isn't so prominent. In the States there are whole paths committed to all the diverse flavors, however here consideration is moved towards teas, espressos juices.

Shoe sizes once in a while go bigger than 28cm, that is a size 10/10.5 in American at stores, they simply don't convey things bigger. Tragically for me, I'm a size 11, 29 cm. When I went searching for shoes, it took me a decent month or two of looking before I found a solitary combine of red Converse Chuck Taylor's, the main match of size 29cm shoes I discovered anyplace in Fuji City.

The drinking, smoking and voting age in Japan is 20. The driving age for a standard auto is 18, yet for a cruiser, sulked and "little exceptional auto" it's 16.

The U.S.A. is constantly called basically "America" (or "Amerika" in the best possible Japanese spelling), not an interpretation of "The United States of America."

Corner stores are called gas stands.

Denny's is simply not the same. The breakfast menu you may know and love is just a solitary page, with more Japanese style dishes including rice are more predominant.

In school, notebooks have two rings.


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