First country to ban smoking

 First country to ban smoking

Ireland was the main nation on the planet to present an aggregate smoking boycott in 2004. The activity made smoking in encased working environments illicit, deserving of a fine of up to 3,000 euros (£2,157). The boycott has prompted copycat laws over the globe. Scotland turned into the primary nation in the UK to follow in 2006


In 2004, Bhutan turned into the principal country on the planet to boycott the offer of tobacco and to ban smoking in every single open place. In June 2010, the nation executed one of the world's strictest hostile to tobacco enactments by precluding the deal or sneaking of tobacco into Bhutan. Those discovered blameworthy of the offense serve can serve a jail term of three to five years with zero chance of being allowed safeguard.

Costa Rica

In 2012, Costa Rica passed one of the strictest smoking directions on the planet. Enactment restricts illuminating in taxis, transports, mentor, open structures, bars, gambling clubs and work environments. Smoking is additionally prohibited from all encased community structures, and no different "smoking territories" are permitted. The nation has seen shockingly high agreeable rates since the boycott became effective.


In 2009, Colombia stretched out its against smoking control to incorporate indoor working environments and open spots. The utilization of terms, for example, "mellow" and "light" were likewise prohibited on promotions and bundling.


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